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Two More Buses Headed For Ukraine!

A partnership between a bus company group and a Ukrainian focused NGO is not an everyday occurrence. However, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, The Go-Ahead Group have generously provided The Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership (SHAP) with six buses. The first was converted by SHAP into a mobile medical facility and continues to treat the injured in Eastern Ukraine.

Three former Luton Airport “bendy buses” were also donated and a photo of one of those buses, still in its Luton Airport livery, in a Ukrainian forest with armed border guards standing next to it, captivated the world’s media - the photo appearing in just about every UK daily newspaper, 31 countries around the world, including Russia and featured as a question on Have I Got News For You.

Bringing matters up to date SHAP are delighted to accept the donation of two additional buses -this time from Go-East Anglia. One bus will be driven immediately to Ukraine to transport disabled and vulnerable children to school. The other will spend some weeks in Swindon being converted into a Children’s Story Bus.

SHAP Chair Mike Bowden said:

“Children in Ukraine will have witnessed and experienced things that are unimaginable. They represent the future of Ukraine and although we know we cannot conceivably remove their trauma, we can allow them to enjoy the colour and fun of The Story Bus and allow them to play and laugh as children should be able to do. We are delighted to continue our partnership with the Go-Ahead Group and so grateful that they are happy to support our work to help Ukraine and Ukrainians.”

Go-East Anglia MD Gavin Smith said:

“These two buses have done sterling service around Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex for many years and I’m proud to have found them a new home for their final years helping the desperate situation in Ukraine. We are a modern progressive company and keen to contribute where we can to our community.”

Shane Buffham - Operations Manager (driving the one to Swindon)

Jordan Craig - Assistant Operations Manager (driving the one to Calais)

Kumbirai Mukombe - Head of Engineering (serviced and MOT'd the vehicles at no cost)

Gavin Smith - Managing Director - Go East Anglia

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