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Press release: ULEZ Scrappage Scheme vehicles going to Ukraine

Updated: Apr 17

154 Holland Park Avenue

London W11 4UH






A group of charities -British-Ukrainian Aid (BUA), Swindon Humanitarian Aid  Partnership (SHAP),   V-Aid, Pickups for Peace SCIO (P4P), and Ukrainian Action and Hospitallers Ukraine Aid have been working tirelessly to ensure vehicles donated under the ULEZ Scrappage Scheme are quickly and efficiently transported to Ukraine. There, they will be used for a wide range of humanitarian purposes.

A steadily growing number of vehicles are stored at a facility in Dorking Surrey, and to mark the first batch of vehicles leaving for Ukraine, a press conference has been arranged to take place there at 1.30 pm on Thursday, 18th April 2024.

We are delighted that the acting Ukrainian Ambassador, Mr Eduard Fesko, will be present, alongside Parliamentarians and others who have worked so hard to put the scheme together. Ukrainian volunteers will help to load the aid and will speak to the critical need for these vehicles in their war-torn country and their gratitude to the British people for their ongoing support.

Dr Rainer-Elk Anders, Trustee of British-Ukrainian Aid said:

“I must thank all those from Mayor Khan's office, TFL, and The Department for Transport (and no doubt many others) for their determination to make it possible for Londoners to donate their ULEZ vehicles to Ukraine. It is now the responsibility of British-Ukrainian Aid and our partners to give full effect to the Scheme and ensure a regular stream of vehicles from London to Ukraine. We have a hugely committed team of volunteers, and I have no doubt a very significant number of London vehicles will soon be saving lives on the other side of Europe.”

Mike Bowden, Chair of Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership said:

“We are very proud to be part of a team of like-minded organisations committed to supporting our friends and colleagues in Ukraine. Every vehicle going to Ukraine by transporter or individually driven will carry many boxes of much-needed medical aid. Most of that aid comes from our warehouse in Swindon, and we thank our incredible network of partners and individual donors for the hundreds of tonnes of aid they continue to provide.”

Tony Strutt from V-Aid said:

“We want every Londoner who is considering using the Scrappage Scheme to be aware of the option of donating their vehicle to Ukraine. Donating vehicles to the much needed Ukrainian cause also allows us to also transport medical and food aid inside the vehicles.  We hope all future Scrappage Schemes in the UK and across Europe will consider including a Ukrainian option.”



All media enquiries, including the address of the Dorking facility to:

Mike Bowden, Chair Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership

Mob: 07379 336 627




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