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Community Driven: Duncan's Self Drive Powers SHAP’s Humanitarian Mission

”If you don’t ask, you don’t get” -so said Mahatma Gandhi many decades ago. 

So when The Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership found itself without a van to collect aid from around the area and sadly without funds to rent or buy Kateryna Halkina, its most recently appointed Board member, embraced Gandhi’s maxim. 

Kateryna’s  life was turned upside down by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She left her home country after the invasion in 2022 and completed an MBA at Exeter University before moving to Swindon and joining SHAP.

Along with her host Emma, another SHAP Board member, Kateryna wrote to over a dozen local businesses explaining SHAP’s work since the invasion and asking for a van. An hour or so after sending the email request Kateryna received a response from Self Drive Ltd offering a large rent free van ,fully insured and maintained for SHAPs aid work. 

Kateryna said 

“The response from Duncan’s was simply amazing. Since arriving in Swindon earlier this year I have been struck by the kindness and generosity of the local people and businesses. I am proud to be part of SHAP which does so much great work to support my country and the many Ukrainians living in Swindon. It is hard to be an effective aid organisation without a method of collecting donations and on behalf of all at SHAP I thank Duncan’s from the bottom of my heart - remember, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”

Peter Simpson, the owner of Duncan’s said 

“The team at Swindon have  embraced the Ukrainian cause since the appalling invasion back in February 2022. We admire the aid work championed by SHAP and are only too delighted to help”

Duncan’s Self Drive has generously provided a van free of charge for the time being, but SHAP is actively raising funds to purchase a vehicle. This will enable us to gather and distribute aid throughout Swindon and the surrounding areas more effectively.

Please lend your support at: JustGiving - SHAP Van Fundraising

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